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Emory College Online Annual Reports System

Welcome to OARS!


The Online Annual Report System (OARS) for Emory College allows administrative faculty and staff to complete the departmental sections of the Annual Report online.

First, you must log in to the system with your Emory NetID account using the login window provided to the left. Your NetID must be synchronized with Emory's active directory domain (EmoryUnivAD) in order to be accepted. The login window will disappear once you've successfully logged in, and additional tabs will appear in the banner above.

If you receive a login error while trying to log in, the most likely reason is that you mistyped your NetID or password. If you cannot log in after repeated attempts, please visit the following website to verify your account, and/or contact your Local Support technician:


Once you've logged in, clicking on the additional tabs that appear in the upper banner will take you to the site instructions and to the actual sections of the Annual Report where you can enter your data and print your report.

Please note: If you are able to log in successfully (you don't get the login error message) but you still don't see the additional tabs above, it means that your account has not been given access. If your departmental duties require that you have access to this site but you have not yet received it, please contact the site administrator.


The system is best viewed with your browser at the maximized width.

Please Logoff when you're finished.

The Logoff link is at the upper right, right under the word "Sciences".